Galiyat Development Authority (GDA)
In 1961, the Government of West Pakistan issued a notification to form Rawalpindi and Hazara Hill Tact Improvement Trust. Except initial allocation of some seed money, the Trust was envisaged to be a self-financing organization. The Trust was assigned the responsibilities to reduce tourism pressure from Murree by developing abandoned cantonments of Gora Dhaka, Khanspur, Changlagali and Khairagali.After the dissolution of one unit on March, 23, 1969, the status of NWFP was restored and the Trust was renamed as Hazara Hill Tract Improvement Trust (HHTIT). By the end of 1975 Nathiagali and Dungagali were also included in the territorial jurisdiction of HHTIT.
HHTIT was the first agency in the country to plan a Ski Resort and Chairlift for the promotion of adventure tourism and recreation. The Chairlift project was commissioned in 1967.Under such a development scenario, quite a few years ago, Galliat Development Authority (GDA) was very legitimately conceived by the Govt. of NWFP. On June 8, 1999, GDA took over its new responsibilities form HHTIT with all its assets and liabilities and started regular functioning on the re-laid foundations of the Trust.
The GDA has assigned the following development targets:

Development of Tourism, Land use Zoning, Master planning of Galiyat, Development of new resort townships, Education, Health, Water Supply Schemes, Road Communication, Conservation/Development of Forest and Natural Environment
With the establishment of GDA in June 1999, the Govt. of NWFP sanctioned Grant-in-aid amounting to Rs. 100 million with 50 million as endowment fund and Rs. 50 million as seed money for expenditure as well as generation of income activities to be under taken by GDA.

GDA vision is to develop the tourism sector as a national priority in a sustainable and acceptable manner, taking full advantage of regional and international trends and developments so that it can significantly contribute to the improvement of quality of life in Pakistan whilst promoting the country’s cultural and natural heritage. Development of tourism in the country would not only promote Pakistan’s culture at an international level but also improve its image across the globe

Mission of GDA

To develop a robust and professional membership association which promotes, advocates and represents the interests of its members for the benefit and sustainable development of the tourism industry.
To create an enabling environment for Pakistan’s tourism industry by providing world-class facilities that commensurate with our rich cultural heritage, rare archaeological treasures and exquisite environmental beauty in close partnership and coordination between the public and the private sector while preserving and protecting our cultural and moral values and projecting the tourist-friendly image of the country.

Objectives of GDA

  • Projection of Pakistan as a tourist-friendly destination.
  • Marketing of Pakistan’s tourist products in tourist generating markets (at home & abroad)
  • To act as a catalyst in encouraging the private sector to play an active role in tourism promotion & development.
  • Development of tourist infrastructure and services within the country
  • Promotion of Domestic tourism.

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