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There are many walking and Hiking distance in Galiyat, Nathiagali, Dungagali, Chanagala, Kozagali and Ayuba.

  • Nathiagali to Miranjani Top=8Km : Meranjani is the second highest hill in Abbottabad of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is 4,400 meters above the sea level. It can be reached by a track known as Miranjani Track, which starts from Nathiagali Bazar. The track length is about 4 km, and it takes an average person two hours to reach the top.

From Governor House to  Miranjani top  which is 2960 meters high this trek takes almost six to eight (6-8) hours both sides.

  • Nathiagali to Mukshpuri Top=4Km Four kilometer track originating near Shangrila Hotel in Nathiagali passes through thick pines forests and goes to2800 meters high feet Mushkpuri top. You can also view Lalazar Park on the way, which is situated at one kilometer up the track from Nathiagali.
  • Mukshpuri, Mushkpuri, or Mukeshpuriis a 2,800-metre-high (9,200 ft) mountain in the Nathia Gali Hills, in the Circle Bakote Region of Abbottabad District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan. It is 90 kilometres (56 mi) north of Islamabad, just above Dunga Gali in the Nathia Gali area of Ayubia National Park. It is the second highest peak in the Galyat Region after Miranjani which is located at 2,992 metres (9,816 ft) Much of the mountain is covered with Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests
  • The route from Nathia Gali on western side of mountain is a steady and 4-kilometre-long (2.5 mi) climb. The mountain also has a route on the Dunga Gali side, with a steeper slope. There is a bird sanctuary on this side created with the help of the European Union.From the top of Mukeshpuri peak, on the eastern edge of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the following areas can be seen: — Circle Bakote, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Jhelum River, the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir, in the south the city of Murree and the Murree Tehsil, as well as Islamabad
  • Ayubia to Changlagali = 8Km : Changla Gali is one of the tourist mountain resort towns of the Galyat area of Pakistan. It has an elevation of 2804m.[1] During British rule it was the headquarters of the Northern Command School of Musketry
  • Ayubia to Dungagali=4 Km : Dunga Gali is one of the towns of the Galyat area of Ayubia National Park, at an altitude of 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) in northern Pakistan. Dunga Gali is located in Nathia Gali Union Council (subdivision) of Abbottabad District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.[1] It is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from Nathia Gali
    During British Rule, Dunga Gali served as a sanatorium to British soldiers and contained a hotel, church and a post office. The area was also visited by Europeans, who also had houses on the southern slopes of the nearby Mukeshpuri Mountains.[

  • Dungagali to Mukshpuri Top=4Km This second track available to go to Mushkpuri. It starts from Dungagali, a place four kilometer short of  Nathiagali, on Murree-Nathiagali Highway. It equal in length to Nathiagali-Mushkpuri track. On the way one has the option to go to Lalazar Park, which of course increases the distance to the Mushkpuri top.
  • Miranjani to Dagri Rest House=10Km
  • Dagri to Birangali=13Km
  • Birangali to Azizabad=13Km
  • Birangali to Thandiani=13Km
  • Thandiani to Sattu Bangla=18Km
  • Dungagali-Ayubia Track (Pipeline Track): This track is most beautiful track and its 4 Km from Dungagali and linked Ayubia and Ayubia Chairlift.
  • Topa Khan Kalan Bakote: This Topa Khan Kalan Bakote is  5 km away from Nathiagali Paradise Point, its beautiful view of Azad Kashmir and base camp of Miranjani Top. Its mettled road and just take 10 minutes from Nathiagali.
  • Grang Kass (Water Stream), Dayar Sari: This is a beautiful Natural water stream and lush green forest spot at Ntajiagali-Bakote road 5km away from Governor House Nathiagali. Its also a foothill of Mukshpuri and best for 4 wheel drive and hiking.
  • Bakote Molia Water Fall (Sangum Abbashar): A beautiful water fall, Bakote Molia namely Karlan, its is merger of two beautiful and eye catching view of Bakote and Azad Kashmir.  15 km from Nathiagali and 5 km from Kohala bridge.
  • Nelam-Jelum River Kanar Kass Point Kohala (Bakote, distt. Abbottabad): A best tourist spot known as Nelum View Point, its also merger of river Jelum and Kanar Kass, 5 km from Bakote and 15 km from Nathiagali. Its also a gateway to Azad Kashmir through Kohala bridge. Those who travelling from Murree its only 34 km away.

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  1. Ahmad Ali

    This is very much informative for trekkers. I have completed some of the treks and just to go for Khaira gali to Ayubia trek today 19th May 2012.

    1. Jafar Ali

      hi dear Ahmad Ali, i want to visit that trekking places (mushk puri, Dunga gali etc)… kindly guide me 0321-9898738.. thanks in advance

  2. Robin Mitha

    This is a great list, didn’t know there were so many trails, must do them….as i am a keen hiker.

  3. Babar Malik

    Very informative. I visited Lalazar Safari Park and Mushkpuri top recently on 8th September 2012. All the tracks and places are awesome but needs govt involvement and funding for improvement

  4. Riaz Aslam

    I have traveled many times the Dunga Gali to Ayubia Track, it is a plain track and a very good walking track for families.
    Thrice I have traveled Dunga Gali to Mukshpuri Track: it requires strength and about 4 to 5 hrs walking with hiking but amazing beauty.

    I urge all fellows to explore these tracks and let us play our part in cleaning these routes and areas.

        1. Muhammad Aamir Shaikh

          Hello Admn,
          Can you guide me about these treks. Can it be done with family. I have three kids of 11,8 and 5 years old
          U can call me 0300-9213106

  5. Usman Ali Liaqat

    Thanks for Beautiful Sharing i have visited Aubia to Dunga Gali Track in Winter Season. this plan track turn to steep track in winter. but we enjoy alot. In this Summer we have plan to Visit Nathiagali to Mukshpuri track.

  6. Nasir Mehmood

    Very informative website I got lot of knowledge from here. We were 27 people those recently visited Nathiagali to Miran-jani track. It is 8km from the point you start hicking its very beautifull and touching way.
    My suggestion when u go on this track try to take some food like fruits or something you can enjoy on the top otherwise there is less time to come back and have lunch.

    I was little bit disappointed about the people behaviour please when u go take some bag with you and play ur part to clean garbage that is thrown by some educated stupid people time to time
    We tried our best to play our part. Please if you are doing camping clean all the garbage when u leave…Thanks for attention

  7. Imran Ali

    I am going to nathia gali and am interested in the pipeline track. I’ll be with my wife and my son (two and a half year old). How smooth is the track? Can I take my son’s pram on the track?

  8. Mustaqeem Ali

    I have tried last year to go to the peak of MiranJani but due to snow on the way only one of our members succeeded to reach the top. I have went twice to the top of Miranjani before this attempt. It is interesting to tell you that once I was on the top and it was snowing in the month of April.

  9. Shamus ud Din

    Please provide some information about Bakote Molia Water Fall (Sangum Abbashar) trek. I like to do hiking on this trek this summer. I will be thankful for an early reply. Regards

    1. admin Post author

      is very beautiful water fall and about 1-2 KM walking hiking track but when you reached at its end its a beautiful waterfall

  10. Waqas Ahmad

    Well, this whole area is full of magnificent natural beauty. I have been coming here for 2 decades now for hiking & driving. You should add information about Khanaspur here which is yet a relatively hidden jewel. There are multiple little (1 to 2 hour) tracks for hiking within khanaspur and the the polo ground & the slopes around it are nature’s gifts. Am in love with the place. Happy Hiking.

  11. Athar

    I want alone visit miranjani top. Is there guide facility available in Nathiagali?? If yes, can you provide the number etc

  12. Osama Saleem

    I went to thandiani and nathiagali many times from abbottabd on foot taking about 8 hours for thandiani and 10 hours for nathiagali on average . How far is miranjani from abbottabad city I ant find that out on the internet

  13. Ali Adnan

    i have done tracking from Nathiagali to Miranjani and Miranjani to Dagri Rest House its a very beautiful track …

  14. Fahad Rauf

    We are group of 5 friends and planning to hike Miranjani peak this weekend (date 12 Feb 2017). Our proposed plan is to reach nathia gali on saturday night till 7 8 pm. Anybody can please which hotel will be good and economical to stay in? and also its good now a days to hike Miranjani? Which trek we should follow? from ayubia national park? Anyone guidance would be highly appreciable. Thank you in anticipation.

    1. admin Post author

      If you are sportsman then you can do it otherwise Mushkpuri take almost 3 & half hours on both sides

  15. muhammad Ramzan

    We are group of 5 friends and planning to hike Miranjani peak this weekend (date 09 Jul 2017). Our proposed plan is to reach nathia gali on saturday day till 12 13 pm. Anybody can please which hotel will be good and economical to stay in? and also its good now a days to hike Miranjani? Which trek we should follow? from ayubia national park? Anyone guidance would be highly appreciable. Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Ali

      Hello Ramaza,

      Hope you are fine. I hope you had a nice hike of Miranjani as you told already. Actually we friends are also planing to visit next month and would be nice to have some valuable suggestion from your experience. I have already done Mushkpuri Heik, how you compare it with that ? its written here 8 km but I have read on few other sources they mention it around 5 km. what is the exact distance and what will be the feasible place to start the track. ? Also what about the difficulty, I mean is it have much slope to heik or a gradual slope to cover ?

      Thanks very much for your kind response in advance.

  16. Muslim malik

    Hi , i want to hike mushkpuri top with my wife is it suitable to do it with family or is it hard treking or normal i mean whats the difficulty level .. should we hire a guide or can do it alone n which mobile network works all the way till top

    1. admin Post author

      It take one hour via Lalazar and exit at Dungagali, its not hard but must wear comfortable shoes & no need of guide and almost all networks are working there

    1. admin Post author

      Its 4 km track originating near Shangrila Hotel in Nathiagali passes through thick pines forests and goes to 2800 meters high Mushkpuri top.
      In start you can reach Lalazar Park on the way, and after that its just 3 km and in return you must go through via dunggali

  17. Aamir Wattoo

    Guide me is it possible kay nathia gali sy Miran jani track keya jai or same day Mushkpuri bhi keya jai or 2no tracks pai kitna time lgy ga or Miran jani sy mushkpuri kitna distance hai?
    2no opposite hain ya kya scene hai inka.
    Guide me in detail

    1. admin Post author

      From Nathiagali to Mukhpuri is easy and take almost 1 and half hour from one end but nathiagali to miranjani is hard it hard
      Nathiagali to Miranjani Top=8Km from Governor’s House to the top of Miranjani it takes six to seven 6-7 hours both sides,,,,just visit this link

  18. Muhammad Abdullah

    Am form COMSATS lahore
    Me and my classmates want to arrange one day Hiking trip from Donga Gali to mushkpuri Top
    Plz guide me is this a gud idea
    there will be more than 50 Student in our group
    visiting month OCTOBER
    please give me some details
    Muhammad Abdullah

    1. Qasim Iqbal

      Abdullah off course this a perfect idea.
      If you haven’t been there yet. We guys are going on 5th of January
      Any one up please contact

  19. Sharjeel Akbar

    I want to track Miranjani , with 3 kids and wife. Kids are 13, 11 and 3 respectively. And what precautions should we take ?

    1. admin Post author

      Mirajani track is hard, if you are visiting with kids than Mukshpuri is easy option for you, bring water and some food stuff for you

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