During British rule Nathia Gali, its a part of Abbottabad tehsil of Hazara District, served as the summer head-quarters of the Chief Commissioner. 

The town along with Dunga Gali constituted a notified area under the Punjab Municipalities Act, 1891.
In 1930, a pipeline was laid to supply water to Murree, Pakistan’s most attractive and beautiful  hill station. This track follows the pipeline from Donga Gali to Ayubia, (Ayubia Chairlift)  a distance of 4 kilometers. This track is most beautiful natural track in Asia. The Union Council of Nathiagali  is divided into Donga Gali, Bagan,  Jhansa, Keri Sarafali, Keri Raiki, Lassan, Malach, Nathiagali and Pasala.
Nathiagali serves as the best and beautiful holiday resort for Pakistani families. Most of these families have been frequenting vissited and stay in summer season in Galliyat for long decades.

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  1. Asim Mehmood

    I have some more information regarding Nathiagalli, as for as Wildlife is concerned a very rare species of cat, called the Lipeoard cat is also found in the jungles of Nathiagalli, there are thousands of Herbs and other fruits like Letche, strawberry, apple, cherry, peach are in the region.
    99.99 % the population belong to a Royal tribe called karlals. They are descendents of Alexender the great and ruled turkey and other states. The ruled most parts of the hazara region and ruined Sikhs and british power. The mountains are supposed to be thier Forts in Ranjeet sigh’s erra. They had given worst defeat to sikhs and never obeyed British thats why Lepal Graffin Used the word BAGHi for Karlals.

  2. Khawar Abbas


    Its a very good initiative to show Nathia Gali stuff on the website for tourists both local and international.

    Please add more pictures in the Gallery to provide a detailed look of the area with description so that more tourist are attracted to the area after visiting the website.

    History section is very much informative and I must appreciate your effort for that section.

    Keep up the good work

  3. sardar usman

    i like this website specially history page but now you should have to give us valid informative history about MLAs,MPA,s,Chaimans,District council members,nazims who belongs to nathiagali……! Thankx

  4. Dr. Jamil Anwar

    I have walked through woods so many times in different parts of the world but could never find something more beautiful than the four mile track called Pipeline starting from Donga Gali to Ayubia. It seems as nature is walking on one side of you. The scenery, the coolness and the solitude concentrate here. I always love and walk through this track.

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