Latest Photos Galliyat

A beautiful & eye catching view of Galliyat after snowfall in this season.


An eye catching view of Nathiagali road after heavy snowfall Latest Photos Galliyat/ Nathiagali/ Galliat

A Beautiful view of snowfall in Nathiagali

A view of Galiyat after heavy snowfall in this season

The British found them climatically conducive to them and began to develop some of the sites in the range/tract as hill resorts, to escape the summer heat of the low-lands. Later on, after Partition/Independence of Pakistan in 1947, these were neglected for some time but eventually developed further from the 1960s onwards as popular resorts.

The area, being home to the Karlal tribe, was called the ‘Karral country’ during the colonial times by the British (named after the tribe). The Karlal’s are still the dominant tribe of the Galyat. The language spoke by the tribesmen is Hindko whereas the dialect of Hindko spoken is called the ‘Dhundi-Kairali’. It is today located in what is the Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At an elevation of 2,410 m (8,000 ft), it is a popular tourist resort in the summer months. It is forested with pine, cedar, oak walnut and also oak and maple trees.