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Nathiagali weather news dated 17-4-2019
نتھیا گلی، ڈونگا گلی، ایوبیہ سمیت پورے گلیات میں دوسرے روز بھی بارش کا سلسلہ جاری ہے بارش کی وجہ سے موسم سرد گیا ہے. ٹھنڈی ہوائیں چل رہی ہیں. جاتی سردی ایک بار پھر لوٹ آئی ہے۔ اپریل میں بھی دسمبر والی سردی محسوس کی جا رہی ہے لوگوں
نے گرم لباس پہن لیے ہی
News About Leopard in Nathiagali
A large number of Common leopard are in entire Galliat/ Galliyat including Ayubia National Park, see some news about Leopard which killed almost more than 7 womens in Galliat area.
A Common Leopard entered into the Khanpur town a few days ago and attacked on a herd of cattle of nomads. Early in the morning
when the herders were driving their herds to the forest a leopard attacked one
of the herds and killed one young buffalo.

At that time the herd was moving in a street at the western end of the town. Luckily the herders were un armed at that time other wise the beast might have been killed.
Most of the wild animals are found wondering around the human settlements now a days in search of food as nothing is left in the forests. The lush green forests of Hazara have been converted in to bare brownish mountains and steeps.
Leopard caught from Pakhi Bala village, 30 kms from the north western city of Peshawar
From BBC Urdu Service
Pakistani employees of the Wild Life Department treat an injured leopard in Peshawar, 28 June 2006. The two year old common Leopard was captured by the Wildlife Department with the help of tribesmen from the Pakhi Bala village, some 30 kms from the north western city of Peshawar.
Rare leopard shot dead in village near Muzaffarabad
Dawn, By Tariq Naqash

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