More Snowfall Snapshots of Nathiagali

Snapshots of Nathiagali in Snow fall, In winter season Entire Galliat including Nathia gali received heavy snow fall and people around the globe visited this place and enjoy in snowfall.


A view of Snowfall in Nathiagali

Nathiagali Bazar after Snowfall

A beautiful view of Nathiagali Bazar after snowfall

Tourists are enjoying snowfall in Nathiagali Park

More Picture of Nathiagali

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3 thoughts on “More Snowfall Snapshots of Nathiagali

  1. Razia

    We want to visit Nathiagali in last week of December. Will there be snow fall at that time?
    Recommend a good hotel services with a view.

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