Picnic Spots

There are many picnic spots in Nathiagali

* Paradise point: Paradise point is located near Church, where you can visit top peaks of Nathiagali and entire Khankalan and Khankhurd area.

* Green Spot: Another beautiful Spot which is actually part of PAF base Kalabagh. Only families are allowed to enter.

* Dungagali-Ayubia Track (Pipeline Track): This track is most beautiful track and its 4 Km from Dungagali and linked Ayubia and Ayubia Chairlift.

*Dungagali Water Tanks: Beautiful two tanks of water which supply water  to Murree via Dungagali-Ayubia Track (Pipeline Track).

* Topa Khan Kalan Bakote: This Topa Khan Kalan Bakote is  5 km away from Nathiagali Paradise Point, its beautiful view of Azad Kashmir and base camp of Miranjani Top. Its mettled road and just take 10 minutes from Nathiagali.

* Grang Kass (Water Stream), Dayar Sari: This is a beautiful Natural water stream and lush green forest spot at Ntajiagali-Bakote road 5km away from Governor House Nathiagali. Its also a foothill of Mukshpuri and best for 4 wheel drive and hiking.

* Bakote Molia Water Fall (Sangum Abbashar): A beautiful water fall, Bakote Molia namely Karlan, its is merger of two beautiful and eye catching view of Bakote and Azad Kashmir.  15 km from Nathiagali and 5 km from Kohala bridge.

* Nelam-Jelum River Kanar Kass Point Kohala (Bakote, distt. Abbottabad): A best tourist spot known as Nelum View Point, its also merger of river Jelum and Kanar Kass, 5 km from Bakote and 15 km from Nathiagali. Its also a gateway to Azad Kashmir through Kohala bridge. Those who travelling from Murree its only 34 km away.

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  1. irfan faruqui

    We went to Dayar Sari stream last time., This time we want to go to Bakote Molia Waterfall (sangum abshar . I understand it is further up on the same road as Dayar sari. is it possible to reach here by car or it is only by jeep.

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