Places To Visit

There are many places to visit some are

  • Dungagali,
  • Ayubia,
  • Thandiani,
  • Khairagali
  • Changalagali
    If you are visiting Nathiagali  then you find lot of beautiful places to visit Nathiagali, there are many small and beautiful places like Paradise point where you can see entire Khaan area including Azad Kashmir area, in this point you can also Mukshpuri, which is 2800 meters high and Miranjani Hill which is 2960 meters high. 
  • In Paradise point adjacent is Nathiagali Park where you can enjoy slides for kids, and other entertainment for kids like horse ridding, you can also see St. Mathew’s Church near Paradise Point.


A beautiful view of Nathia gali after heavy Snowfall

Dagri Naka is a beautiful mountainous area in Galiyat and located between the trek of Thandiani and Nathiagali at 2720 meters or 8924 feet above sea level. Dagri (also called Dugri) means “The home of leopards” in the local language.


If you are visiting then there are two treks to approach Dugri from the hill station Nathia gali. A long trek leads to Dugri rest house via Namli mera near Miranjani. A comparatively short trek towards Miranjani hilltop passes Dugri through the pine forest. It takes 9 to 10 hours trek from Nathiagali to Dugri. From Dugri, there is a 10 km trail that leads to Meranjani. From Dugri, another 13 km trail leads to Beerangali and from there it is a 10 km trek to Thandiani.


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