After a few kilometers travel of Khairagali its Changla Gali, when you are travelling from Murree.  It is situated at an altitude of 2559 meter, Changlagali is the highest point in the Murree Galliat area which is accessible by road. There is a rest house located in the most picturesque surroundings areas of Changlagali. There are many hotels and restaurants in  Changlagali.

If you are travelling from Islamabad- Murree road so you can also visit this beautiful and highest point in entire Galliat area and in winter Changlagali recieved heavy snowfall. There are many private houses for tourists where you can stay with cheapest rates and luxury apartments, guest houses. Even in winter you can visited Changlagali and enjoy heavy snowfalling and large number of tourists in this area of Galliyat. There are many government rest houses and a large number of university campuses in this area. Student who want to visit Changlagali can easy stay in these campuses and enjoy the beautiful and scenic views in this area.


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  1. Dr. Nizar Akhtar

    please provide me a contact number of a nice guest house with luxury accommodation for my family to stay.


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