In summer from June to August weather in Nathia Gali mostly remains foggy so you can expect cloud bursts any time,  these  cloud burst usually comes with severe hail n thunderstorm making visibility even worst.

When you are coming with family or night avoid driving during such situation and be careful in these days. During the day drive with indicators and lights during rain and fog, see the road signs and always use the horn before turning around corners. nathiagali temperature is cold almost throughout the year.In winter Nathiagali receives heavy snowfall, when you are visiting in winter first check that all road and link roads are opened. Preferably used four-wheel vehicles along with chains to avoid any difficult situation.

23 thoughts on “Weather

  1. shabbir


    thanks for sharing such a useful information, i would like to know how is the weather in first week of November. i.e Highs and lows

  2. Bilal Aziz

    Dear Bro

    please confirm me that roads of Nathiyagali will be open in last week of December? to travel to Abbotabad via Nathiyagali ?

    Bilal Aziz

  3. Adnan

    AoA, I am planning for a visit with my family in the last week of December. How is the weather now days and is it a good time to visit? Is it crowdy these days or normal.
    Also how long one should be staying for the visit as I do not want to rush everything and also do not want to feel that I planned for too long.

    Thank you for your advise.

  4. Kamran Khan

    What is the approx cast of one room for the remaining Ramadan days ? From 25 June to 16 July . Sombudy tell me please. ..

    1. admin Post author

      you can visit any time Ayubia except in snowfall coz most of the roads are closed …anyhow you can visit in these days but you must bring warm cloth with you

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