Pakistan is home to two of the world’s big cats, the common leopard (Panthera pardus) and the snow leopard (Uncia uncia). In 2005 these leopards killed 7 women in Galliyat area.Ayubia park provides refuge to the elusive leopard and the black bear. Bird watching is excellent here. Some of the bird species pass through the park on migration. The population of the Koklass Pheasant and the rare Kalij Pheasant are the highest known for Pakistan. Only 30 individuals of the Kalij Pheasant are known to exist in the park.
Mammals: Asiatic leopard, Yellow throated marten, Himalayan palm civet, Black bear, Kashmir hill fox Red Flying squirrel, Masked civet and Rhesus Macaque.
Birds: Golden eagle, Himalayan Griffon vulture, Honey buzzard, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Hill pigeon, Spotted dove and Collared dove.
Major Fauna & Flora of Ayubia National Park
Asia barred Owlet, Large flying squirrel, Palm civet, Common leopard, Leopard cat, Hill fox, Oak, Blue pine, Borberry, Wyeh-hazal, Wild rose, Peony
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    Galliat leopards are normally friendly animals, and had not hurt any humans for decades. They are now starving because man has invaded their habitat. Ayaz Ahmed Khan gives an account of how two leopards were killed by wildlife department workers after six women were attacked and killed by a leopard

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